Domaine Saint Damien - Joël Saurel

« A true expression of our land »

The grape harvest dates are determined by the maturity and flavors of the grapes.

The actual wine making is carried out parcel by parcel, so as to respect the specificity of each soil.

Temperature control, several weeks of maceration, pumping-over and processing all contribute to extracting flavor, matter and beautiful colors.

Every vintage is matured traditionally, in oak barrels, for 12 to 24 months, until the wine develops fine and silky tannins.

The wines are then bottled without any fining or filtration.

GIGONDAS Rosé - nouveau -

GIGONDAS Classique Vieilles Vignes

GIGONDAS Les Souteyrades

GIGONDAS La Louisiane

COTES DU RHONE Vieilles Vignes (fiches pdf)


VIN DE France Le 10 de Saint-Damien

  Domaine Saint Damien - Joël Saurel
  Domaine Saint Damien - Joël Saurel
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